Supply Chain and Logistics Consulting

  • - Enhancing Customer Service
  • - Reducing Logistics Costs
  • - Reducing Working Capital

SCALA work with clients to deliver real business benefits. These include enhancing customer service to market-leading levels and from a cost perspective achieving quantified reductions in logistics operating budgets and in total supply chain working capital.

SCALA are recruiting

We are currently recruiting expert supply chain and logistics professionals to join our consultancy team.

Please send your CV and covering letter to Alison Holt.

  • - Changing Businesses
  • - Growth
  • - Changing Product Portfolios
  • - Acquisitions
  • - Customer Requirements
  • - Shorter lead times,
      smaller and more complex orders
  • - Environmental

SCALA understand that our clients operate in competitive and dynamic markets and must be constantly adapting to meet these new challenges.

SCALA ensure supply chain and logistics arrangements are organised to ensure the business can successfully meet these changes which may include increasing volumes, changing product portfolios, business acquisition, mergers or de-mergers, ever more demanding customer requirements such as shorter lead times and smaller, more complex orders, and ensuring business and environmental sustainability.